Monday Discovery Aside: Nick Thacker on Networking . . .

Among other great advice, Nick Thacker offers the following in his guest post, "3 Great Tips for Authors on Networking" at C. S. Lakin's Live Write Thrive: You can’t do everything. “Shiny Object Syndrome” can be a tricky beast to overcome, but you need to stay focused on the things that will truly matter. Always look to add … Continue reading Monday Discovery Aside: Nick Thacker on Networking . . .

7 Truths A-Waiting by Lara Britt

Today's Monday Discovery brings you a guest post by Lara Britt, the entrepreneur of MNINBers who has encouraged and wrangled the group—she calls it "wrangling butterflies"—beyond Robert Lee Brewer's original My Name Is Not Bob April Platform Challenge. Welcome to The Writerly Life, Lara! Lara Britt writes from her Honolulu home near Nu'uanu Stream. She enjoys morning … Continue reading 7 Truths A-Waiting by Lara Britt

The Writerly Life is Blushing!

Well, golly. Writerlicious (Erin Pike) has nominated The Writerly Life for the Versatile Blogger Award! A happy surprise! Thank you, Erin. I've been thinking the blog needs to be tightened up in terms of theme, but maybe it's coming along all right the way it is. I enjoy being able to "free-range" when I want … Continue reading The Writerly Life is Blushing!