Welcome to the world of Gerry Wilson’s fiction.

Forthcoming from Regal House Publishing in Spring 2024: Spirit Light, a literary historical novel set during the turbulent World War I era in rural north Mississippi.

In Spirit Light, Leona Pinson’s world is a narrow place where bigotry and cruelty are the order of the day. In her world, she has committed a terrible sin, and she deserves what she gets. But when discrimination and cruelty threaten, she will go to great lengths to protect her son.

Gerry Wilson’s debut story collection, Crosscurrents and Other Stories, turned six in October. Purchase from Press 53 or Amazon.


Gerry Wilson’s vivid debut collection tackles a vast array of human experiences: death, birth, love, abuse, parenting, infidelity, youth, and aging. Rich with metaphor and dark symbolism, Crosscurrents shows women fighting the undertow of their tragedies with wisdom and sincerity.                                     

—Erika Krouse, author of Contenders

What a dazzling debut collection. Gerry Wilson’s spare, lucid prose and inventive story design illuminate the secret truth that, even within the loops and tangles of relationships and family, all of us are strays, wild, fragile, and hungry. These stories explore losses and the discoveries loss impels, yet Crosscurrents is, above all, about connection—never easy, often found where least expected, but giving life surprising grace.                 

—Lynne Barrett, author of Magpies 

Gerry Wilson’s stories are about the essential tugs between desires: for safety or risk; for adventure or comfort; for sanctioned action or the indubitably un. Her characters are in mortal combat, most often with themselves. This is a very exciting and compelling collection of stories; I loved reading it.

Antonya Nelson, author of Funny Once: Stories

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