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“Sparrow, Sparrow” appeared in Night Train, July 2015.

“Mating” won the Prime Number/Press 53 Short Story Contest 2014, appeared in Prime Number.61, and was anthologized in Prime Number Magazine, Editor’s Selections: Volume 4. “Mating” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“Book of Lies” was published in Prime Number.37.

“Pieces” appeared in Prime Number.19 and was anthologized in Prime Number Magazine, Editors’ Selections: Volume 2. “Pieces” was a finalist in the William Richey Short Fiction Contest, Yemassee, 2010.

An excerpt from the novel, Spirit Lamp, was published in SABAL: Best of the Workshops 2011, the Eckerd College Writers in Paradise Conference Anthology.

“Something Borrowed” appeared in Good Housekeeping — originally published as “Wives” in Halfway Down the Stairs.


14 thoughts

  1. Hello Gerry – I’m an aspiring novelist and short fiction writer and your site is quite inspiring – I just read ‘Pieces’ following a link here – great writing. Good luck with your writing and your book, I’m glad I found you and will follow you!

  2. I wrote your name down on a tattered Christmas list after reading “Something Borrowed” in Good Housekeeping. I was cleaning out my purse and ran across it, so I ran to my computer to look you up. Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing!

  3. I’d like to tell you that I just finished reading your short story “Something Borrowed” in Good Housekeeping. I found the magazine at the hairdresser. This is the first time that I stay at the hairdresser to read a story after my hair is finished. I loved your story. I really like the way your write – your sentences, your style. I could see the characters. I’ll look forward to your novel. I have a blog and wish I could write better but English is my 3rd language and even after all those years I am not that good at writing – my posts tend to be too long. It is an art to be brief and it must have been hard to cut 23,000 words from your novel “Whatever House.”

  4. Gerry, I loved, Loved LOVED “Somethng Borrowed” in Good Housekeeping. It made me cry; I guess because it was so close to heart. “From This Distance” sounds like a beautiful story, too. Where can I purchase it? Thanks.

  5. I, too, loved “Something Borrowed” in the October 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping! The characters were so real, I hated to see the story end. Hope to see more of your stories in Good Housekeeping soon.

  6. Loved Something Borrowed in October Magazine of Good Housekeeping too.I was wandering when that book comes out?I love that story,I am trying to figure it out how their story will end.

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