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A writer’s debut must sing, must promise in a way that makes readers check in on the author every so often to see if that next book has been released.  With “Crosscurrents and Other Stories” (Press 53), Gerry Wilson makes said promise in the first story, following it with 10 more gems that both fulfill that promise and signal more good to come.

Ellis Purdie, The Clarion Ledger

Interviewer Jana Hoops: What inspires you as a writer?

Gerry Wilson: That’s a hard question! Other writers’ works inspire me — or depress me because they’re so good. Inspiration can come from anywhere — an image, a memory, an experience, someone I observe. I may see somebody in the grocery store and start imagining that person’s life. Places are so suggestive of story!

Jana Hoops, The Clarion Ledger