Photo Challenge: 2012 Year in Pictures

Last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was to come up with favorite pictures from the past year. I’m running a little late, but Sara Rosso, who often edits the Weekly Photo Challenges, has extended the deadline to submit photos through this weekend. Thanks, Sara!

So here are some photos from 2012. Click to see a full-size image, and let me know which is your favorite!

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: 2012 Year in Pictures

  1. I like a lot of these but my favorite is the tutu; there’s something so light and peaceful about it. The bird image touches me, and something about how close the tutu and the bird are makes the two of them very powerful in combination. Thanks for sharing these, Gerry!


    • Thanks, Khara. I guess those two images are about as far apart as they can be: I was sewing ribbons on the tutu for my granddaughter’s ballet company, and they are so full of life and energy! The bird is just the opposite, of course. Interesting that you zeroed in on those two. The poet, I suppose!


    • All is well, Celi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m following the farmy and shivering along with you in the cold! I’m glad you’re back safely from your travels. I can imagine what your re-entry must be like. Bless you!


      • It is OK.. I am up to speed now, though I feel like I will never be warm enough again..We are looking towards a warmer week though and that will be nice.. c


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