Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week asks that we post a picture of a sign and explain why we chose it.

I had a different photograph in mind when I went searching through my files, but I’ll save that one for another time.

Pogo wisdom
Pogo wisdom

This picture, taken near the Okefenokee Swamp a couple of years ago, isn’t very good, technically. But when I stumbled across it, I saw it differently. I saw those words with the brilliant sunlight and that clear blue sky and the trees as backdrop.

I don’t think I need to say any more.

Photo Challenge: 2012 Year in Pictures

Last week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was to come up with favorite pictures from the past year. I’m running a little late, but Sara Rosso, who often edits the Weekly Photo Challenges, has extended the deadline to submit photos through this weekend. Thanks, Sara!

So here are some photos from 2012. Click to see a full-size image, and let me know which is your favorite!