Monday Discovery: A Link to Prairie Schooner’s Oxcart

Prairie Schooner, a publication of the University of Nebraska Press and the Creative Writing Program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln English Department, has been in print continuously for more than 85 years. Yes–you read that right! A veritable institution among literary journals, Prairie Schooner is evolving with the times. PS continues as a print journal, but the editors have added some features: Air Schooner (an audio series) and a blog by Editor-in-Chief Kwame Dawes called Oxcart.

Today, I want to call attention to an Oxcart essay that resonated with me. In “Lie to Me,” Dawes explores the topic of rejection–the lies we writers tell ourselves and a myriad of reasons why rejection really happens. This is such an insightful piece! I encourage you read it.

“The Word Rejected”
(by suphakit73) Courtesy of



Author: Gerry Wilson

Fiction writer. Avid reader. Former teacher. Wife, mother, grandmother.

6 thoughts

  1. Morning Gerry .. you are back on my list.. I had not lost you though, now i shall pop over and read this piece on rejection though I must confess that I have never sent any written work to anyone as I have no idea of the hows and most importantly the wherefores. The why I get. So i have never been rejected. how pathetic is that.. How does one find an agent anyway? To get the first rejection from? or even a literary journal .. ah well Off I go on my perilous quest! have a lovely day.. celi

    1. Rejection is hard, and sometimes the satisfaction comes from the writing alone. We don’t need to put it “out there.” But your stories are lovely and unique. I’d love to see them go out. If you ever get to that point and would like me to read and help you polish (everybody needs extra sets of eyes), I’d be happy to!

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