We Don’t Have to Know Everything

What do you do with someone who won't behave? This person is secretive, aloof, moody. She's keeping me up nights and interfering with my novel-in- progress. She’s the character who "vants to be alone!" Her name is Robin. She's a twin. An accomplished photographer. She has dark hair and green eyes, she's twenty pounds overweight, … Continue reading We Don’t Have to Know Everything

Own the Emotion, Give It Away

Some years ago, I volunteered as a studio monitor during a regional ballet association festival. I watched nervously as the teacher pushed and corrected the young dancers, but I was happy to see how he also encouraged and praised. Toward the end of the session, he told the dancers something I’ve never forgotten: Technique isn’t enough. You … Continue reading Own the Emotion, Give It Away

Story Surgery

A week or so ago, I re-read one of my short stories I hadn’t looked at in a while. I have to confess I’d felt a little smug about this one. (I almost never feel confident about what I write.) It's unlike anything else I’ve written—a little edgy, playing around with POV and dialogue. Tight. … Continue reading Story Surgery