Own the Emotion, Then Give It Away

Back in April, I volunteered as a studio monitor during the Southeast Regional Ballet Association’s festival here in Jackson, where some 800 ballet students and teachers gathered for three days of dance classes and evening performances. My sixteen-year-old granddaughter’s local dance company, Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet, hosted SERBA—a huge undertaking—and I wanted to help out. I … Continue reading Own the Emotion, Then Give It Away

Character Misbehavior: What to Do?

What do you do with someone who just won't behave? I'm talking secretive, aloof, moody . . . She wants something, I know, but she won't tell me what. She's keeping me up nights and interfering with my WIP's progress, for sure. I'm not talking about a daughter or a friend or a sister, although … Continue reading Character Misbehavior: What to Do?

Stones in My Pockets: Resolve for 2013

Resolutions? Today is January 3, and I have made no New Year's resolutions. Resolutions (at least mine) are made for breaking. I resist them mightily. And yet, here on the Web, I feel surrounded by energy and optimism and lofty resolutions and writing challenges like Elissa Field's January Challenge: Finish, Begin, Improve, Plan and Khara House's … Continue reading Stones in My Pockets: Resolve for 2013