Guest Post at Mel’s Madness . . . What’s Lost, What’s Found: WALL-E, the Movie

The Princess

I have a guest post at Mel Jones’s Mel’s Madness today: What’s Lost, What’s Found: Wall-E, the Movie. It seems Mel and I are into princesses lately, but of a different sort! My princess, four-year-old Irene, introduced me to this movie.

For a read, go over to Mel’s place. Here’s a taste . . .

So we settled in with the four-year-old to watch. As it opened and we saw the bleak landscape and abandoned skyscrapers that seemed made of compacted garbage, my husband said, “Oh great. A dystopian movie for kids.” We prepared ourselves for a long hour and a half, but we quickly changed our minds. We were drawn in, stunned by the powerful animation and images of that silent, empty world.

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