Monday Discovery: Joe Bunting’s “How to Write a Story like Les Miserables”

Here’s a Monday Discovery for you!

On his blog, The Write Practice, Joe Bunting reveals what he learned from watching the movie version of Les Miserables. He describes being moved to tears.

He says:

I want to write a story like Les Misérables. Not a musical, but a story so powerful, so captivating, that it could move people in the same way.

Joe’s five observations about what makes Les Mis so powerful follow, offering spot-on advice about how we might write a story as moving and memorable as this one.

Have you seen the movie, Les Miserables? If so, what did you learn from it? What other favorite movie or book has provided an “ah ha!” moment for you?

Guest Post at Mel’s Madness . . . What’s Lost, What’s Found: WALL-E, the Movie

The Princess

I have a guest post at Mel Jones’s Mel’s Madness today: What’s Lost, What’s Found: Wall-E, the Movie. It seems Mel and I are into princesses lately, but of a different sort! My princess, four-year-old Irene, introduced me to this movie.

For a read, go over to Mel’s place. Here’s a taste . . .

So we settled in with the four-year-old to watch. As it opened and we saw the bleak landscape and abandoned skyscrapers that seemed made of compacted garbage, my husband said, “Oh great. A dystopian movie for kids.” We prepared ourselves for a long hour and a half, but we quickly changed our minds. We were drawn in, stunned by the powerful animation and images of that silent, empty world.