Nifty Garden/Food Blogs

squash blossom, summer 2011

Related to “Futile Seeds”: if you’re a serious gardener, or a wannabe like me, or if you simply admire from a distance, or if you’re a foodie—check out these other terrific blogs:

thekitchensgarden: a lighthearted, moving, sometimes funny look at life on a real farm!

Misk Cooks and also Misk’s Garden Diary: lovely food and garden photographs!

Life on the Funny Farm: Anne Kimball’s just-what-it-says blog—funny, moving, endearing!

Postscript: And, because Putney Farm paid a visit and commented here, I went over to their blog, another lovely one about gardening/food, with recipes, lots of nice photos. Check them out, too.

Maybe this list will grow (better than our seeds do); see “Futile Seeds”!

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