“Stories in the Making”—Guest Post at Lara Britt’s Writing Space

Grandmother and Blackie

“Stories in the Making” appears today as part of Lara Britt’s Memoir Mondays series on her blog, Writing Space—my first guest post ever! Thanks, Lara, for the invitation.

“Stories in the Making” is about the influence of previous generations on my fiction. Here’s a bit of the post. “She” is my maternal grandmother.

The story she always told about her father’s death is a special gift to me in terms of writing material. He died in a hunting accident when she was twenty-three. My mother would have been two years old at the time. My grandmother was at her parents’ home when neighbor men brought her father’s body back from the woods. She always said she had nightmares for a long time after that day, the image of his bloody head still stark in her mind.

Hop on over to Lara’s Writing Space to read the whole piece. Happy story hunting!

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