Monday Discovery: Lisa Cron on Writing and Brain Science

The excellent website/blog for writers, Writer Unboxed, is not a recent discovery, but Lisa Cron is. Lisa is the author of WIRED FOR STORY: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence. Lisa has just joined the Writer Unboxed team.  In today's WU post,  Why Are We Wired for Story?, Lisa … Continue reading Monday Discovery: Lisa Cron on Writing and Brain Science

Worthy Words: Emotion and Writing

There is a sta­sis, an equi­lib­rium that our bod­ies and minds need to main­tain their func­tion, but as writ­ers we fight against bal­ance, we encour­age any emo­tions that are on the edge. We embrace and har­ness our emo­tions and write about them. —Suzie Gallagher in "Why You Need to Harness Your Sorrow to Write Well," The Write … Continue reading Worthy Words: Emotion and Writing

Count No-Count, Mr. Bill, Pappy . . .

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of William Faulkner's death on July 6, 1962. So why, you may ask, would I write about an author who's been dead for fifty years? Here's why: I grew up thirty miles from Oxford, Mississippi, practically in Mr. Faulkner's shadow. I vaguely remember the hoopla when Intruder in the Dust … Continue reading Count No-Count, Mr. Bill, Pappy . . .