Monday Discovery: Esther Bradley-DeTally

Today's Monday Discovery guest writer is Esther Bradley-DeTally, a dynamo-lady who hails from Pasadena, California. Visit her at Sorrygnat, World Citizen. Thanks, Esther, for sharing this excerpt from You Carry the Heavy Stuff. The best way to describe Esther is to let her do it in her own words: Esther Bradley-DeTally is a writing teacher, creative … Continue reading Monday Discovery: Esther Bradley-DeTally

Sunday Wordle: June 10

Here's my Wordle exercise for this week, words courtesy of The Sunday Whirl. Maybe this is the beginning of a short story . . . Here are the words: bluffs, willow, corona, brush,  trembled, mud, crawl, vessels, nail, stain, shadows, stones All Fall Down Shelly and Hank had planned the camping trip as an attempt at getting … Continue reading Sunday Wordle: June 10

Lucky 7 Meme Challenge

E. B. (Erin) Pike at Writerlious has tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme Challenge. Thanks, Erin! Now it's my turn to post from a work-in-progress and tag seven more writers to do the same. The rules: Go to page 77 of your current WIP manuscript. Go to line 7. Copy down the next 7 lines … Continue reading Lucky 7 Meme Challenge