Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Here are a couple of responses to the Weekly Photo ChallengeNear and far. These photos were taken at Cape San Blas, Florida.


Sunset, beach, water

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Here’s my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The dictionary defines merge as “to combine to form a single entity.” Businesses merge. Roads merge. I also think of merge as a kind of blending, a more subtle transformation, but my example is bold—the result of trying out a new skill in Photoshop. Thanks, Rebecca Barray, for the inspiration!


Bloom © Gerry Wilson

Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

This week’s photo challenge wasn’t hard.

A few days ago, I photographed this tomato and basil tart just before I put it in the oven. Beautiful, round tomato slices in the wider circle of pastry! (Those are Mississippi tomatoes from our local farmers’ market. Best in the world.)

Tomato tart with fresh basil