Age Fifteen: “Where the Boys Are . . .”

After the so-called senior recital—which should have marked an end point, should it not?—the piano saga continued. I played in a piano competition in Memphis the fall I turned fifteen. I was the youngest competitor, which should have told me something. Also, I'd refused to practice as I should. I went blank in the performance, … Continue reading Age Fifteen: “Where the Boys Are . . .”

Age Fourteen: Not There Yet

In terms of maturity, that is, in every sense of the word. The photo? Another beach trip. Note that the legs are getting longer, but I still look like a child. Love the car, though. I was, however, a mature pianist. I gave a "senior" recital in October after I'd turned fourteen in September. They even trotted … Continue reading Age Fourteen: Not There Yet

The Not-Eleven Memoir: The Star!

This post should be about age eleven, but I'm breaking the rules of the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge. It turns out that the year after I turned ten (it's my eleventh year, after all, so maybe that counts for something) was a big one in terms of memorable events. The ice storm. My … Continue reading The Not-Eleven Memoir: The Star!