Kasie Whitener: Can People in Heaven Read Facebook?

The Writerly Life welcomes Kasie Whitener, whose post delves into the impact of social media on our most personal—and sometimes most painful—moments. Kasie blogs at Life on Clemson Road, but she also teaches and is at work on several fiction projects. Learn more about her at the end of this post. Can People in Heaven Read Facebook? … Continue reading Kasie Whitener: Can People in Heaven Read Facebook?

Monday Discovery: Mind the Gap

Today's Monday Discovery: A new series of writing challenges at WordPress called Mind the Gap. WordPress will choose a topic each week that's trending in the news and issue a challenge to us bloggers to express our opinions on the issue. The focus of these "Mind the Gap" posts is to get us thinking and writing. Here's this week’s Mind … Continue reading Monday Discovery: Mind the Gap

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A Little Housekeeping It's time for some updating and housekeeping chores at The Writerly Life. The home page has a slightly different look today: I moved some things around, got rid of the Tag Cloud (which seems to duplicate Categories, but maybe I'll just start afresh), added a quick-access profile via Gravatar, and most importantly, … Continue reading Looking Back, Looking Ahead