Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A Little Housekeeping

It’s time for some updating and housekeeping chores at The Writerly Life.

Screenshot # 2

The home page has a slightly different look today: I moved some things around, got rid of the Tag Cloud (which seems to duplicate Categories, but maybe I’ll just start afresh), added a quick-access profile via Gravatar, and most importantly, a new widget called Community that shows all of you likers, followers, and commenters. It’s colorful and cheery and reminds me of why I’m here. It’s not a host of hundreds yet–but it’s growing!

Overall, I hope the effect is cleaner and more efficient. You can let me know what you think.

This little makeover calls for a big shout-out to all of you who have read these words and maybe even honored this effort by making The Writerly Life a regular stop on your blog rounds. That takes time and effort. Thank you, thank you!


Some milestones reached this week—over 5,000 views and 65 posts, including an interview and some fine guest writers (all almost entirely since April 2012)—call for a hard look at the blog, where it is, and where it’s going.

I am not a prolific writer here. Some of you put me to shame, posting every day! I will continue to write regularly, bringing you something original (I hope!) once a week and also sharing other sites that strike me as interesting and informative (like this one), words of wisdom regarding writing and the writer’s life, and photographs, including a regular series of photos as writing prompts. Look for a special guest post next week and another writing prompt coming soon (it’s a provocative photo; I think you’ll like it)! Occasionally, I’ll dare to drop in bits of original fiction or poetry.

And who knows what else, because this writer’s house is a work in progress.

“Y’all Come Back Now . . .”

I hope I’ll continue to offer you words and images that are worth your time. So, as one of my elderly aunts used to say every time my family left her house on a Sunday afternoon, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

 If you’re new here, follow the links in this post for a taste of what The Writerly Life is like. I’m always glad to see you here and read what you have to say.

Retro: The Writerly Review, June 17–23

Here’s what happened at The Writerly Life this past week:

Cane chair in sunlight

The week kicked off with with the Sunday Wordle: June 17. (Playing around with words is such fun: no agenda, no 300 pages to revise, no agent search . . . . Ahhh.) This wordplay resulted in a poem, of all things. The Wordles, in case you don’t know about them, come from The Sunday Whirl. If you’re a writer looking for a fun way to loosen up the brain, go to The Whirl and give the Wordles a try. They work for fiction, memoir, poetry (and blog posts!) . . . whatever strikes your fancy.

Monday Discovery: Mellow Yellow Monday— Mellow Yellow Monday challenges photographers to come up with something yellow. This week? Sunflowers! We’ll see how many more yellows I can come up with.

The week ended with a bang:  Read It and Weep (Not) deals with the role and responsibilities of the reader–which are considerable–in a writing partnership or group. This post grew into a two-parter. . .

Read It and Weep (Not), Part 2: The Writer’s Role offers the other side of the critique scene: the writer’s part, whose work is “at stake” in the feedback scenario.  

So if you haven’t checked out this week’s posts, I hope you will.

There’s a great conversation going on in response to Read It and Weep (Not) and Read It and Weep (Not), Part 2 regarding how writers share work. I hope you’ll enter in by leaving a comment. I’m learning so much from my readers!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Retro: The Writerly Review, June 10-16

Wordle # 60

It’s been a busy week at The Writerly Life, kicking off with The Sunday Wordle: June 10, a wordplay exercise based on the wordles (word lists, if you want the plain version) at The Sunday Whirl. This week’s list whispered an eerie little story to me–“All Fall Down.” I couldn’t leave the story alone, so Follow-up to the Sunday Wordle, June 10 contains a revised version. It seems to want to be a longer story!

Esther Bradley-DeTally graced The Writerly Life on this week’s Monday Discovery with a lovely guest post about being a twin and also about mortality. Esther will have you teary and laughing at the same time! Find more of Esther’s whimsical, poignant, straight-talk writing at Sorrygnat, World Citizen. Thanks again, Esther! What a pleasure to have you here.


At a Loss for Words: June 12: A beachy slideshow of my favorite place to go and wind down, write, read, watch glorious sunsets.

On Thursday, It’s a Wonder-filled World gave you, I hope, a glimpse of wonder. Since my thirteen-year-old granddaughter figures prominently in this one, maybe I’ll ask her to follow up with a guest post about her first trip to New York. She can handle that assignment, I assure you!

I was delinquent last week re the Weekly Photo Challenge, but this week’s was one I knew I could tackle. Check out the Weekly Photo Challenge: Close for my interpretation of “close.” Too close for comfort!

So there you have it: the week in review here at The Writerly Life. I hope you enjoyed dropping by. I hope you’ll be back soon!