“Stories I’m Old Enough to Tell”

Hello, friends—

There’s big news! I’ve created a newsletter on Substack, an easy, accessible format for both writers and readers. “Stories I’m Old Enough to Tell” is free, and if you subscribe, you’ll be notified when there’s a new post (about every two weeks—hopefully, often enough to keep you interested, but not so often that you scream, “Noooo! Not another one!”)

I’ll tell stories. I’ll talk about the (long, sometimes hard) journey to publishing my debut novel, That Pinson Girl. I’ll explore the novel’s roots in family history and in the place I call home. I’ll venture into issues about writing—and life—that matter to me.

If you have been an email subscriber or a “follower” of the blog here on the website, I thank you and I do appreciate you! I hope you’ll make the leap with me. You’re only a click away.

Here is the Introduction to “Stories I’m Old Enough to Tell” on Substack.

Go to “Stories I’m Old Enough to Tell” on Substack.

photo: early novel notes, Gerry Wilson

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