The reason “pantsing” is so easy to embrace…

The reason “pantsing” is so easy to embrace might be because it’s kind of like eating Tater Tots and watching Duck Dynasty. It’s much easier to “let ‘er rip” in the hope that a story “will magically appear” than it is to dig down into what you’re trying to say, and create the clay from which the story itself will be built.

Lisa Cron in “A Modest Proposal to Pantsers: Don’t!” at Writer Unboxed. I stand convicted!

3 thoughts on “The reason “pantsing” is so easy to embrace…

  1. As I read Lisa’s article, I thought about how beautiful it is to watch a preschooler create something in art…enjoy the process…be into the process….and not care about what the outcome or finished project looks like. It’s so innocent and sweet to me. Somewhere along the line it all changes for them, and they are taught to “color in the lines”…etc.etc. And yet, as adults, our creative endeavors, are not just meant to be a part of our process or something we need to work through…but something that we put intention and discipline into…so as to engage the reader/viewer…and not just ramble on and on, or have our piece turn into “blahblahblah”.


    • Such astute observations, Beth. I’m a self-described “pantser.” I know people who can plot a story A to Z before they ever begin. And I think that, in my own case, I would do better to pay more attention to the overall story arc *before* I get too far into it. I’m trying to do that right now with a new novel idea, but it’s very hard for me. Then I have something happen like yesterday morning, when I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep because a story I’d been trying to work on was suddenly alive and talking to me and taking shape! I got up and went to work! So I think you’re right: there must be the inspiration and perhaps some muddling through, but balanced with discipline. Thanks for a great, thought-provoking comment!


      • Well…I admire your work and finished product a lot. And had to giggle about your getting up at 3:30…raring to go. ;0) Some of my best ideas come at 2 or 3 or 4 in the a.m. ;0)….who needs to sleep. Take care.


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