Photo Challenge: Illumination

Late yesterday afternoon, after a day of heavy rain and wind and storms, the skies finally cleared. Out my kitchen window, I watched the clouds scudding by, still wind-driven, and the glow of sunset through the bare trees. I couldn’t resist. I went outside to take a few shots.

This morning, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge appeared in my mailbox. The theme? Illumination!

So here’s a photo of a winter sunset, Mississippi style, after a day of turbulent weather.

Winter sunset, bare trees
Winter sunset

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Illumination

    • I’ll confess that I took it with my phone, Veronica. It was the handiest thing, and I was afraid this light wouldn’t last long. The photo doesn’t do the sky justice. It was amazing after such a gloomy, stormy day. We have more in store . . . high of 72 today, storms tomorrow with temps dropping all day. Such is Mississippi weather in the winter!


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