FLUTTER: A Story in Photos by Rebecca Barray

I’m happy to welcome Rebecca Barray to The Writerly Life today!

Becca and I became cyber-friends through a platform challenge last spring, and we’ve been cheering each other on ever since. Becca happens to be a fabulous photographer as well as a fine writer. When I asked for guest posts recently and suggested I’d like a photo essay, she happily obliged. FLUTTER is the result. Enjoy!

Here’s Becca’s introduction to FLUTTER:

These pictures tell the tragic story of a dark female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly sipping nectar on a Blue Chip butterfly bush in my front garden. 


 The End

Let Rebecca know you were here! She’ll be happy to respond.

Rebecca Barray is a stay home mother of three (four if you count her extremely child-like husband). She is a writer and spends her precious little spare time writing, learning about writing, and thinking about writing. She also likes to take pictures and show them off on her photo blog

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