A Picture’s Worth . . . How Many Words? # 2

Here's the second photo in the series that began a couple of weeks ago:  A Picture's Worth  . . . How Many Words? (Click on the link to see the first one.) The point? A prompt that's the opposite of a photo challenge. Instead of finding or shooting a photo to suit the word/s, you bring … Continue reading A Picture’s Worth . . . How Many Words? # 2

Wordle 63: July 1

Today's Wordle 63 at The Sunday Whirl: skin, lips, thin, snapshots, touch, other, act, hanging, gesture, stand, sent, utter The result? A bit of flash fiction:   He stands silhouetted in the doorway, the light behind him, his hand on the frame as though it bears him up. His lips are drawn in a thin line, the … Continue reading Wordle 63: July 1

Sunday Wordle: June 17

Here are the words from Wordle 61 at The Sunday Whirl: blend, latch, chest, current, draft, string, crack, spare, temper, refrain, racket, trace, strike. These words seemed to want to be a poem. Here's a draft: Muddle Outside, the air’s a rare blend of jasmine and wood smoke from the grill. My chest hurts from hunching over … Continue reading Sunday Wordle: June 17