Monday Discovery: Esther Bradley-DeTally

Today's Monday Discovery guest writer is Esther Bradley-DeTally, a dynamo-lady who hails from Pasadena, California. Visit her at Sorrygnat, World Citizen. Thanks, Esther, for sharing this excerpt from You Carry the Heavy Stuff. The best way to describe Esther is to let her do it in her own words: Esther Bradley-DeTally is a writing teacher, creative … Continue reading Monday Discovery: Esther Bradley-DeTally

Retro: The Writerly Review, June 4-9

Here's The Writerly Life in review for the week of June 4-9: The week kicked off with the Sunday Wordle: June 3, 2012, a flash fiction piece inspired by The Sunday Whirl. Monday Discovery was all about poetry this week: a wonderful poem by Stephen Dunn and a look at a new (to me, at least) online poetry journal: At Monday … Continue reading Retro: The Writerly Review, June 4-9

Somebody You’re Longing to See

For G and J What happens when people meet again after many years of separation?  Might they find they have nothing in common and go their separate ways? Or might the bonds formed early outlast all the changes a lifetime brings? Reunion This past Monday, a high school friend and his wife spent the afternoon … Continue reading Somebody You’re Longing to See