Response to The Sunday Whirl Wordle: June 30, 2013

The Sunday Whirl Banner Here's an attempt at a poem in response to Brenda Warren's weekly word challenge at The Sunday Whirl. I like playing around with poetry; I believe writing poems sharpens my senses and, hopefully, enriches the language of my fiction. Brenda's words this week come from Glacier National Park signage: bird, bridge, … Continue reading Response to The Sunday Whirl Wordle: June 30, 2013

Sunday Whirl Meets the Memoir Challenge

I haven't done the Wordle for the Sunday Whirl in a while, but these words leapt out at me. I think it's because I've been immersed in the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge for the last two weeks. All of you who know me know I don't consider myself a poet, but here's what came … Continue reading Sunday Whirl Meets the Memoir Challenge

Wordle 65: A Little Fiction

Here are this week's words at The Sunday Whirl. Wordle 65 made for quite a challenge, especially one of the words. I bet you can guess which one: flicks, swells, spray, grittle, gravity, plant, trigger, relishes, chain, crack, humility, refrain, claim Here's the result of my playing with these words--a bit of fiction: Seven Letters, Starts with G … Continue reading Wordle 65: A Little Fiction