A Picture’s Worth . . . How Many Words?

Returning to the picture as writing prompt today, with a variation: I’m giving you two photos, one suggestive of place and the other of emotion and conflict.

I invite you to let them take you where they will: a memory, a bit of fiction, a poem. Whatever you write, have fun! Please post a bit here in the comments.

Here we go . . .

Panther Crossing/Gerry Wilson

by taliesin at morguefile.com

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Here’s my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The dictionary defines merge as “to combine to form a single entity.” Businesses merge. Roads merge. I also think of merge as a kind of blending, a more subtle transformation, but my example is bold—the result of trying out a new skill in Photoshop. Thanks, Rebecca Barray, for the inspiration!


Bloom © Gerry Wilson

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Today, a color challenge from WordPress. Here are a couple of my favorite purple shots.

Does anyone know what the flower is in the first one? It’s a wildflower, I think. We didn’t plant them, and they appear all over in early spring.

doves and flower, early spring