Age Twenty-five: The Turning Point

So we come to the end of the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge. Thanks to Jane Ann McLachlan for proposing this challenge that has taken me places in memory where I would never have gone otherwise. At times I believed I'd have nothing to write, but it seems memory begets memory. The end of the … Continue reading Age Twenty-five: The Turning Point

At Nineteen: Already a Has-been?

I have news: the Sophomore Slump isn't a myth. I know. I lived it. After a pretty exciting first year of college, at the start of my sophomore year, I hit the slide. Oh, I was going out some, but there wasn't anybody special. Generally, life was good. I liked my classes, and I wasn't … Continue reading At Nineteen: Already a Has-been?

Eighteen: The Frosh Year

Scared to Death! And so the girl went off to college! I'd been given a terrific scholarship, but I figured I was woefully unprepared for college courses, coming out of my small high school. For the first time in my life, I had to study hard. The English and lit courses, though, I adored. A professor … Continue reading Eighteen: The Frosh Year