Age Fifteen: “Where the Boys Are . . .”

After the so-called senior recital—which should have marked an end point, should it not?—the piano saga continued. I played in a piano competition in Memphis the fall I turned fifteen. I was the youngest competitor, which should have told me something. Also, I'd refused to practice as I should. I went blank in the performance, … Continue reading Age Fifteen: “Where the Boys Are . . .”

The Not-Eleven Memoir: The Star!

This post should be about age eleven, but I'm breaking the rules of the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge. It turns out that the year after I turned ten (it's my eleventh year, after all, so maybe that counts for something) was a big one in terms of memorable events. The ice storm. My … Continue reading The Not-Eleven Memoir: The Star!

Somebody You’re Longing to See

For G and J What happens when people meet again after many years of separation?  Might they find they have nothing in common and go their separate ways? Or might the bonds formed early outlast all the changes a lifetime brings? Reunion This past Monday, a high school friend and his wife spent the afternoon … Continue reading Somebody You’re Longing to See