Monday Poetry Discoveries: Dunn, PLUME

A couple of Monday Discoveries for my poet friends: first, a poem by Stephen Dunn. Maybe I’m drawn to this poem because there’s a story inherent in it.  To read all of “Sea Level,” go to Poetry Daily:

Scrub pines, Everglades, May 2010

Sea Level

Down from the mountains of Appalachia
and the highs of new love
I’ve come across the extended monotonies
of interstates, back to where
scrub pines stand small at sea level.
There’s the house I left for good
(if forever can ever be good), . . .

And here’s a link to a new-to-me online poetry journal, Plume. Go exploring . . . Some outstanding writers (and good poems) here, among them Sharon Olds, Billy Collins, Linda Pastan, and many, many others. Enjoy!

Call to action: What inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing? Share a favorite source or link (or a newly discovered one) in a comment.