Small Stones: # 5, Deep-south Winter

Our weather maps light up with dark greens, yellows, reds, a vivid contrast to the shades of gray outside.  A day of heavy rain and storms. Again. Too many days and more to come. Our streets flood, our old trees are in danger of letting go their fragile hold on the earth.

The worst of it is north of us. From the Delta to Memphis to Nashville, the map colors have gone to pinks and rose. Half an inch of ice tonight on trees and bridges. Devastating. Far worse than our sodden ground.

Frozen Forest by Evgeni Dinev, courtesy of
Frozen Forest by Evgeni Dinev, courtesy of

This is winter in central Mississippi.

We look for a little ice tonight, a little sleet, a little snow. A rare thing. If we’re lucky, in the morning we’ll wake up to a fine glaze over everything, and sunlight. I will tell you about it. It won’t last long.