Twenty: The Me Age

At least, for me it was. Not much was happening. I was studying less (even with a double major in English and Psychology), maintaining great grades, and playing a lot more--dates, parties, football games! I have not mentioned home much lately. I went home occasionally on weekends, but I had weaned away. I had my … Continue reading Twenty: The Me Age

Ah, Thirteen!

Finally, a teenager. What was different? Very little. I still looked immature. No makeup, no pierced ears. None of that. One vivid, intimate detail stands out. The summer I was thirteen, my mother finally bought me a bra, a strapless one to wear under sundresses. I didn't even need it, really, but I was so … Continue reading Ah, Thirteen!

Nobody’s Perfect! Or, The Case of the Ugly Duckling

Over at The Artist's Road, Patrick Ross has a great post today (May 18) entitled¬†"Does Insecurity Drive Creativity"? He started me thinking about perfectionism:¬†a driving force? Or a recipe for failure? Born a "Pleaser" I'm not sure where the trait comes from, but I've always been a "pleaser." When I was little, whenever I was … Continue reading Nobody’s Perfect! Or, The Case of the Ugly Duckling