Counting Words and Milestones

500 Words Challenge logo The second day of the New Year, and here I am, churning out words, mainly because I joined Jeff Goins’ 500 Words a Day Challenge for the month of January. What was I thinking? I’m already a day behind! I’m late for a couple of reasons: 1. I didn’t know about … Continue reading Counting Words and Milestones

Age Seven: An Awakening

Along about this time, an incident took place that nagged at me for years. It has become a short story, but I won't print it here. I think the memory suffices. I may have been younger than seven; I can't swear to how old I was. I was old enough for what happened to make … Continue reading Age Seven: An Awakening

Monday Discovery—Link to Mixed Metaphor: “Intersections”

Today's discovery? I'm keeping it in the family and sharing the link to my daughter-in-law Larissa Parson's blog entry, "Intersections," posted Friday, September 7.  She doesn't get to post as often as she would like. Here's why: Larissa teaches English at a private high school in San Francisco. And she and husband Geoff (my husband's son) … Continue reading Monday Discovery—Link to Mixed Metaphor: “Intersections”