Monday Discovery / K. M. Weiland’s Blog: Helping Writers Become Authors

Today begins a new feature on The Writerly Life, Monday Discovery. Each Monday I’ll offer a writerly find—a blog, a quotation, a writing tip, a book I love.

I’ll begin with K. M. Weiland: Helping Writers Become Authors, a website chock full of writing tips and links to two writer-centered blogs: Wordplay, which she describes as featuring “writing tips to enlighten and encourage,” and Author Culture, a smorgasbord of articles related to writing and publishing.

I was struck by her phrase, “helping writers become authors,” and it led me to look up author and writer. In my mind I probably equate the two, but the dictionary reveals a subtle difference: an author is a writer who has published professionally. A writer is one who, well, writes (oversimplified a bit!).

Here’s a powerful message from Ms. Weiland (offered free on her website) that I’ll post on my desktop to remind me, when the writing gets hard or a rejection rolls in, of who I really am.

What’s your opinion? Is there a distinction between author and writer? Which do you call yourself, and why? Weigh in with your thoughts in a comment, please. 

A Wordplayer’s Manifesto—K. M. Weiland

Hop over to Writer Unboxed for this terrific guest post by Shari Stauch, CEO of Shark Marketing. Shari has been involved in publishing and marketing for many years, and it shows. She offers terrific advice for writing topics to take us out of the ordinary. To quote Shari:

Even if you believe your story is “small,” it’s not. There’s always a bigger picture/issue lurking around the corner. So think about widening your lens where your own work is concerned. Ask yourself these two questions: “To whom does my writing speak?” and “What can I share with those people that matters?”