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Create/Gerry Wilson

I haven’t shared a Monday Discovery with you in a while. Here’s a quote from “Mantra for the Novelist” by Jael McHenry, debut novelist and contributor at Writer Unboxed. The entire article spoke to me, but these words really hit home:

People who don’t write any better than you do are making money doing what they love. People who made the right connection. People who were in the right place at the right time. Don’t begrudge them their success; they have nothing to do with you. You are your own person, writing your own words, working toward your own goals. Don’t be bitter. Don’t be angry. Be focused. Be self-centered in that good way, in the way that means you are wholly dedicated to perfecting your own craft, executing on your own plans, diligently moving forward, ever forward.

If you are a novelist who has not yet published a book, this inspiring read is for you! Go read it. Now.

11 thoughts on “Monday Discovery: “Mantra for the Novelist” at Writer Unboxed

  1. Gerry, precisely so. I come up against that everyday. Writing talent does NOT correlate to money. I want to become a better writer because improving my skills is very important to me. I want people to read what I write because I am curious about a topic and I want active engagement and feedback from my readers. But I also want to pay the rent…

    What I’ve discovered is that these three motivations do NOT have to at odds with each other. In fact, they can complement each other.

    I strive to work smarter so that all of my writing counts. Everything and nothing is practice. I try to ask myself which of the three goals [stated above] that my current project furthers. I hope to tick the box on all three, but one or two is still worth doing.

    You have a unique voice. When you are truly brave enough to express it…then the other goals will fall into alignment. I could almost guarantee it. And you will hear me sounding the hurrahs from the sidelines!

    1. Very wise, Lori. I especially like “I strive to work smarter so that all of my writing counts.” I’ve run into a hitch with the 500 words a day challenge simply because I’m not settled on a single project. (I’m logging the words, but they’re scattered over a couple of projects.) I’m starting to think the challenge will serve me better if I use it to generate blog posts and schedule them over the next few weeks–a real time-saver down the road that would allow me more time for fiction. So *that* would be working smarter! Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.

      1. Too true…about generating blog ideas. That’s exactly how I use my Google Plus activity. I can also try out different ideas without messing up my blog’s focus.

        Right now I’m not so concerned with traffic to my blog(s) because I’m in the middle of a major redo. This way I get feedback and still grow readership. Since I have Google authorship, the posts I make on G+ actually count toward my overall web traffic. It directly helps my blog’s rankings …even when in not posting there. Or in the case of the Hawaii Content Marketing site…even when I have it completely hidden from public view.

      2. I need to learn about Google authorship. It sounds like that’s where I should be posting my 500 words progress. I don’t want to post it here; it’s not really content, unless those words turn into a post, which some of them will.

      3. I have resources posted on M2the5th community page. I’m using it to help newbie writers get their bearing. It’s a completely open and public community. Amy Pabalan and I will help you get your groove on and connect you up with even more resources.

  2. Wow. I read it. Thank you so much! Food for thought, that’s for sure…and makes me wonder why I’ve put my non-fiction writing on the back shelf. Or snuggled in my computer. ;0) Hmmm….I should at least send in a couple of things I’ve been working on to a place that published 2 other pieces…and just see what happens. It can be mind-boggling sometimes to find your niche and the internet offers endless possibilities. One step at a time. Thanks again. You are a gem.

      1. I’ve written reflections for our church newletters, and had a reflection on growing up in Navy housing for our local paper, published many moons ago. I have a “store” on teacher’spayteacher’s with a lesson plan bundle. Otherwise, the 2 paid devotions were for the Upper Room Devotional Magazine. This link might take you to them.
        I felt for you when you said that your 500 word project was feeling scattered. Maybe you can use a thought or sentence or paragraph at a later date. I know I sure do appreciate and enjoy your postings. I love what you have to say about relationships. Thanks for your time.

      2. Thanks, Beth. Will look up the devotionals! There’s another great post at Writer Unboxed today by one of its founders, Therese Walsh. Talk about relationships! She writes about tapping painful emotions. It’s a great read.

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