Monday Discovery: A Photoshop Lesson

I ran across Leanne Cole’s tutorial, “Making the World Go Round, which involves turning a photograph into a sphere using Photoshop. I followed Leanne’s step-by-step instructions and turned this . . .

Beach, near and far
Beach, near and far

into this!

Beach sphere
Beach sphere

Thanks, Leanne, for a fine distraction from my writing work!

Go to Leanne’s website if you want to try this transformation. Great fun. I can’t wait to try another . . .

Let me (and Leanne) know if you try it, too.

6 thoughts on “Monday Discovery: A Photoshop Lesson

  1. You just got me to say, “That is so cool,” aloud! You are playing with photo tricks I never even think to try, and it’s mind-opening! Thanks for sharing this. Like J9, I use Paintshop Pro, so will see what options it has. BTW — the biggest trick I’ve learned for using photos online is that even a lame snapshot can look great if you apply a filter (for my blog, I use Paintshop’s Time Machine).

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