A Picture’s Worth . . . How Many Words? # 2

Here’s the second photo in the series that began a couple of weeks ago:  A Picture’s Worth  . . . How Many Words? (Click on the link to see the first one.)

The point? A prompt that’s the opposite of a photo challenge. Instead of finding or shooting a photo to suit the word/s, you bring the words to the photo.

Maybe it’ll trigger a memory or  prompt a story or poem.  The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

So jump in . . . Write about what’s happening in the picture. Write what came before. Write what comes after. Take it anywhere you like . . .

I would love to see what you do! Post your first 100 words or a few lines of a poem in a comment. Or share a link to a longer piece.

Happy writing!

[The photo has a title, but I’m not going to give it to you!]
http://www.istockphoto.com / photo by CREATISTA

Author: Gerry Wilson

Fiction writer. Avid reader. Former teacher. Wife, mother, grandmother.

8 thoughts

  1. Amy’s man done left her, but Celia and I, now finally called Esperanza, are here. We’ve been through thick and thin, through hunkering after that old Billy Cleary football player who has, by the way, gone to fat and to drink. Men come. Men go. But, we women stick to each other like cheese on an omelet. Gotta go now, so listen bud, quit trying to photo our sorrow. Hit the road. Celia, and me, we’re taking Amy for a skinny dip at the Hilton Pool at 2 tonight; it’s locked up, but hey, we’re babes and know the custodian. We will survive.

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