At a Loss for Words: June 12

For today’s At a Loss for Words feature, here’s a beachy slideshow!

Can you tell I’m missing the beach? Usually, my husband and I visit our favorite spot early in the summer, but circumstances prevented it this year. We still have hopes, but not before August, and August marks the start of hurricane season, so making reservations then is iffy.

Shall we be spontaneous? Shall we live dangerously?

As I review these photos of the place we love, I think maybe so. You’ll notice that the writing materials and books always, always go along.

If one of these photos sparks your creativity—a scrap, a memory, a poem or story—please share in the comments or leave me a link. Or tell me, what, or where,  your favorite escape is. What kind of atmosphere gets your creative juices flowing? 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 thoughts on “At a Loss for Words: June 12

    1. Thanks, E.B. I hope the Weekly Photo Challenge will be something I can do this time (I bombed this past week). I love the photo stuff: easy, thought-provoking, and fun.

  1. You take such beautiful pictures! I love the frog. We have a tree frog that is the softest green you could imagine. Sometimes when we get home late it’s hanging out on the front door. Sometimes, It’s the little things, yes?

  2. These remind me of one of my favorite places: Ventura, CA. Beach, harbor, nearby islands, local mountains, farms and ranches, small surrounding towns, open space. It’s my happy place.

    1. Sounds lovely. This place–Cape San Blas, Florida–is an eight-hour drive for us. We’re pretty much landlocked, so we have to drive a long distance for either beach or mountains. (The boats were photographed in Apalachicola, Florida, near the Cape.)

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