At a Loss for Words: June 5

Good morning!

It rained last night, big, booming thunderstorms that woke us up. Here’s what I found when I walked outside early this morning.

Thus begins a new feature at The Writerly LifeAt a Loss for Words, a series of photo essays where the visuals speak for themselves. I hope you’ll enjoy.

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Lily unfolding
Japanese maple 1
Magnolia holding rainwater

Author: Gerry Wilson

Fiction writer. Avid reader. Former teacher. Wife, mother, grandmother.

11 thoughts

  1. You are making me want to study photography with some seriousness. Very inspirational. I love the energy around all of your blog changes. It’s always exciting to stop by to see what you are up to next.

    1. Thanks, Lara! These were a gift: I woke up early, looked out, and saw this amazing light after heavy rain the night before. I took them with my iPhone! So I can’t call myself a serious photographer; I just love doing it. As for energy: thank you! I’ve been looking to find the blog’s “personality,” so I hope that’s evolving. Still very much a work-in-progress!

    1. Amy, I love photography, and I’d been thinking about the possibility of adding a separate blog just for photos, but I like the idea of incorporating them here. I’ll try to do thematic posts now and then. This morning’s gorgeous light drew me outside, and these shots are just some of what I found. Maybe at times the visuals will lead to writing, both for me and for others! I hope so. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I know I’ve seen blogs where pictures are used for writing prompts. If you do something like that, I’ll participate. 🙂

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